Cons of bartending jobs

Often why many people don't last, is the inability to be able to say no to alcohol. Social drinking becomes a daily routine, and this can affect your life both at work and at home. Bartending can be very long hours, and isn't always the best paid job, although you can get some very good tips. Althou... [More]

Advantages of bartending jobs

When deciding what career path you want to take, you have to consider all of the factors (you will need a bartending hospitality resume if you decide to follow that path). Why you want this particular job, if it pays well and if the hours suit your life are just some of the questions often asked. Ba... [More]

Hospitality Resume Writing Don'ts

Don't focus only on titles such as "bartender", "head waiter" or "manager" but primarily list the specific duties you handled, on a daily or weekly basis. Noting that you were in charge of staff supervision or coordinated various teams of workers gives potential employers a clearer sense of your t... [More]

Hospitality Resume Writing Dos

When trying to find a job in the hospitality business, not just any resume will do. Potential jobs can range from hotel management to restaurant, casino, or assistant management positions as well as a whole wealth of other potential jobs. Because of this, it is important that a hospitality resume hi... [More]

Disadvantages of working on a cruise ship

There are also cons to working on a cruise ship; some people have never been away from their families for a great length of time. This results in great homesickness, although you are enjoying yourself you never really lose that feeling. This feeling can affect your work, as you will begin to want to... [More]

Benefits Of Working On A Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are always seen as thing of mystery and amazement. People love traveling on them, as they feel glamorous and spoiled with the quality of their surroundings. Many passengers feel that they could work on a cruise ship and are rushing to get their cruise ship resume done professionally. Al... [More]

Benefits of becoming a Hotel Manager

A hotel manager reaps lots of benefits, such as: Discounted hotel stays Traveling Learning all aspects of the hotel business Helping make guests' stays enjoyable Watch the franchise grow As you can see, contrary to other jobs and industries, there is more than just pay. So ... [More]

How to Write a Resume For a Cruise Ship Job

Working on a cruise ship is a fantastic way to travel the world and explore different cultures, without any technical travel expenses. As an employee of a cruise ship, you'll actually be getting paid to cruise around the world, while working as a part of the ship's crew. Because of the perks of ... [More]

The different types of Casino Jobs

Casino gaming is a multi-million dollar industry. To keep these businesses running smoothly, they require a large workforce. If you are interested in gaining casino employment, you have a wide variety of jobs to choose from. Many casino jobs involve working on the gaming floor. These include de... [More]

How to write a hotel manager resume

How do you go about writing a hotel manager resume? The first thing you need to do is format it carefully. To be able to format your resume effectively, you will need to ensure that your name and address are at the top of the resume. This info needs to be centered so that it can be easily read, and... [More]