Hospitality Resume Writing Don'ts

Don't focus only on titles such as "bartender", "head waiter" or "manager" but primarily list the specific duties you handled, on a daily or weekly basis. Noting that you were in charge of staff supervision or coordinated various teams of workers gives potential employers a clearer sense of your t... [More]

Hospitality Resume Writing Dos

When trying to find a job in the hospitality business, not just any resume will do. Potential jobs can range from hotel management to restaurant, casino, or assistant management positions as well as a whole wealth of other potential jobs. Because of this, it is important that a hospitality resume hi... [More]

Hospitality Resume Tips

If you are someone who is interested in getting a job in the hospitality industry, you will find that there are many advantages awaiting you. The hospitality industry is one that is taking applicants and if you want to get involved, check out a few important hospitality resume writing tips that will... [More]