Disadvantages of working on a cruise ship

There are also cons to working on a cruise ship; some people have never been away from their families for a great length of time. This results in great homesickness, although you are enjoying yourself you never really lose that feeling. This feeling can affect your work, as you will begin to want to... [More]

Benefits Of Working On A Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are always seen as thing of mystery and amazement. People love traveling on them, as they feel glamorous and spoiled with the quality of their surroundings. Many passengers feel that they could work on a cruise ship and are rushing to get their cruise ship resume done professionally. Al... [More]

How to Find a Cruise Ship Job

If you love traveling and seeing the wonderful sights that the world has to offer, then you may want to seek a carrier on a cruise ship. This way, you can fulfill all of your sightseeing dreams while getting paid for it. Cruise lines hire hundreds of people to do a very wide range of jobs and s... [More]

An introduction to Hospitality Jobs

There are different types of hospitality jobs available and some that you might never have heard of. Many people consider a hospitality job that of a maid for a motel or working in some fast food restaurant, but there are so many types of positions, including those, that you can find something that ... [More]