The different types of Casino Jobs

Casino gaming is a multi-million dollar industry. To keep these businesses running smoothly, they require a large workforce. If you are interested in gaining casino employment, you have a wide variety of jobs to choose from.

Many casino jobs involve working on the gaming floor. These include dealers, hosts, cage operators, floor managers and pit bosses. Dealers are responsible for a variety of games such as blackjack, roulette and craps. They make sure rules are followed and handle the betting.

Hosts aid in casino marketing. They are the ones that provide comps. Comps may include freebies such as hotel rooms, meals or tickets to shows. Hosts typically work within the public relations department of the casino, which is also responsible for advertising and promotion.

Cage operators are money handlers. They make change for casino customers and cash in chips. For players that wish to play on credit, the cage operators are responsible for processing credit applications. Strong math skills are a necessity.

Floor managers oversee dealers. Their job is to watch for rule violations and cheating. They are also responsible for managing dealer schedules and keeping tables stocked with the needed equipment.

Pit bosses keep watch over the casino floor. In addition to keeping an eye on players, they also watch the dealers to make sure they play by the rules. They assist with scheduling of employees in the pit and handle customer complaints.

Security is a more discreet department of the casino. While some security officers stay on the floor, others are in the surveillance room watching both employees and players. If they see a problem, they notify the on floor security and appropriate supervisors so the problem can be dealt with.

Not all casino jobs are in the actual casino. Many casinos also include restaurants and hotels as part of the casino complex. If players don't have to leave the premises to get something to eat or get a few Zs, they are more likely to stay longer and spend more money playing.

Restaurant jobs include hosts, servers, buspersons, cashiers, managers and chefs. Hosts greet customers as they enter the restaurant. Once they are seated, servers take their food orders and deliver their food and drinks. Buspersons are responsible for clearing the tables once the customers leave and readying it for the next customer.

Cashiers take payment for the meal, which in some cases may be a certificate from one of the casino hosts. Managers oversee the entire restaurant, making sure the kitchen is stocked, monitoring and scheduling employees, as well as handling customer complaints.

The chefs are the real stars of a casino restaurant. Depending on the size of the restaurant, there may be multiple chefs including a pastry chef, sous chef and executive chef, generally with several assistants as well. The executive chef typically is the head chef and responsible for the kitchen staff's performance. At least one of the casino restaurants provides room service to the hotel.

In the hotel, casino jobs may include front desk attendant, housekeeping and manager. The front desk attendant is responsible for checking in customers, answering questions and taking payment. Housekeeping ensures the rooms and other areas of the hotel are clean and tidy. Managers oversee the hotel, answering customer questions and complaints. Whatever type of specialty you choose, make you to customize your casino resume to the field you are interested in.


Gail Esparan