Things To Do To Give Needed Punch To Land Interviews Like A Magnet With Your Hospitality Resume

Including hobbies or not

Hospitality jobs require people to have a lot of people skills, so sometimes certain hobbies may indicate that you possess these skills outside of the job. Other parts of hospitality careers will not require this, but most of them do. So a good rule of thumb to use would be to make sure that any hobbies you decided to use would support or strengthen the skills you already possess. It never hurts to add more strength to your existing skills, but make sure they stay on point and that they do not deviate away from that.


In closing writing an effective hospitality resume simply requires you to pay attention to detail and at certain points. Remembering what I've just mentioned in this article such as using powerful words that will help describe what you did in the past, being able to create a resume using effective materials such as a good printer if you are sending out a manual resume, and knowing when to include hobbies or not will help your hospitality resume writing stand out above the competition. And in this tough economy that is something that cannot be taken for granted.