Hospitality Careers: Are Gimmicky Resumes The Way To Get Your Resume Noticed?

Hospitality careers require you to be very receptive to guests and customers. You will have to possess the ability to be kind as well as entertain strangers and guests on a frequent basis. You will often have to do this without reward, which is why you have to have a true passion for what you do. You must also be able to convey this on your resume in a way where it will stand out from the competition. Getting your resume to stand out amongst many other people looking for a hospitality career can be difficult. So what do many people do in this case? Well a lot of them turn to unconventional methods to get their resume noticed. If you really feel like you want to stand out from the competition then you can try making your resume stand out in special ways, one such way will be using gimmicks.


If you are wondering what gimmick resumes are, they are simply resumes designed to attract attention. Sometimes they are effective at doing this, and other times they can end up being a distraction. Sure the employer who is looking at it may be entertained by it. But do you want that employer to not take you seriously or figure you are not taking the hospitality position seriously? I am sure you do not and sometimes a gimmicky resume can have this sort of an effect.


The problem with gimmick resumes is they tend to draw attention away from the legitimate qualifications of the candidate and focus instead on the novelty of the resume presentation. Hospitality careers require certain character traits in order to be successful at the job. When your resume is presented in a way that takes away from these traits you have a hard time getting your resume taken seriously. You want the employer to be focused on those aspects of you that will make you suitable for the hospitality job, and nothing more.


Gimmicky resumes do not always have to be a bad thing, you should just make sure you consider the type of job you are going for, in this case it would be a hospitality career. There are certain hospitality jobs which may be of such a nature that using a gimmicky resume may not be used against you. In some cases a resume of this type may make you appear more suitable for the job because of the way you may have to deal with customers and guests. A potential employer may feel as if you possess perkiness and peppiness, which are always two skills that will make customers and guests feel comfortable.


Gail Esparan