Going For A Hospitality Job? Then Get A Look At What You Should Be Including On Your Resume

Getting a hospitality or restaurant job requires you to know exactly what to include on your resume. Hospitality jobs can include anything that has to do with servicing people, so it is going to be important for you to have good customer service skills. Some of these jobs would include a hotel job, a job on a cruise ship, working at a resort, working at a bar or a casino. I am sure if you include a few crucial points on your resume then you should be a shoo-in for the position. Below I am going to include a hospitality resume example in order to get you started.


Carolyn Covington

2390 Live Oak Street

Dallas, TX 55555


[email protected]




Hospitality supervisor position within the amusement / restaurant industry


Professional Experience

Lone Star Amusements                                   2000 toPresent

Hospitality House Supervisor                            Dallas, TX


The Purpose

To begin we have the basics of what you should include on your hospitality resume. You will see that the objective is very clear and concise. It includes details of exactly what the person wants as it concerns that particular job. Shortly below it you will see that there is a short rundown of the persons experience. This experience is very important, while even though some parts may not be present, that is because they may not be accurate. This doesn't have to be a problem seeing as how many times the information can be verified.


Gail Esparan