Displaying The Ability To Deal With People On Your Hospitality Resume Should Be Priority Number One

You are sitting across from an interviewer who is asking you a series of questions about the hospitality jobs you may have held in the past. As they are asking you these questions they begin to display noticeable irritability and may even come off as a little bit disrespectful towards you. You are trying to maintain your cool at first, but as the interview goes on you become more and more irritable. Eventually this irritability manifests itself as a visible signs of contempt and anger toward the person giving you the interview.


When you begin to show these traits then right away you have failed one of the number-one tests you will probably have to face on a consistent basis in whatever hospitality career you end up in, and that is the test of dealing with difficult people. People giving you an interview for these types of careers may purposely act a certain way to see how you will respond. In this article I'm going to explain how you can display on your hospitality resume that you possess the ability to handle these types of situations.


To get started you want to use real-life examples to show how you handle people period, this meaning how you handle anyone, regardless of what might happen shortly afterwards. In order to clarify, you will need to have a criterion you are going to follow with everyone you deal with that will not change depending on the type of person you are dealing with. You will approach everyone in a respectful and courteous manner initially, and even if they become difficult at some point you'll maintain that respect and you'll maintain that courteousness. Being able to display this is crucial to the overall image of whatever company you are representing.


Gail Esparan