Cons of Living in Las Vegas

The biggest downside to living in Las Vegas is that there are numerous opportunities for people to gamble and it has become a huge problem for area residents. However, if you like to gamble every once in awhile and don't have a gambling problem you might see this as something you could really apprec... [More]

The different types of Casino Jobs

Casino gaming is a multi-million dollar industry. To keep these businesses running smoothly, they require a large workforce. If you are interested in gaining casino employment, you have a wide variety of jobs to choose from. Many casino jobs involve working on the gaming floor. These include de... [More]

Casino Resume Writing How To

Working for a casino is a very exciting experience. You get to meet all types of people, you get to work with all types of cool people, and it's really thrilling when one of the customers wins a huge jackpot. There are plenty of job openings at casinos all the time, because there's so much to do. Yo... [More]