Focus On Certain Aspects, Continued

You also want to mention any serious and significant contributions you made that were able to improve efficiency and increase productivity. But seeing as how you will most likely be working in a restaurant, hotel, or even a casino you're going to be working around people whose sole responsibility is... [More]

You Need To Focus On Certain Aspects If You Are Serious About Hospitality Jobs

Unlike regular office jobs where everything is very structured and everything is designed to run a certain way, hospitality jobs require attention to more important aspects. You will not be focusing on such thing as hard skills, because hard skills really aren't that important as it concerns hospita... [More]

Things To Do To Give Needed Punch To Land Interviews Like A Magnet With Your Hospitality Resume

Including hobbies or not Hospitality jobs require people to have a lot of people skills, so sometimes certain hobbies may indicate that you possess these skills outside of the job. Other parts of hospitality careers will not require this, but most of them do. So a good rule of thumb to use would be... [More]

A Cinch To Get Hospitality and Restaurant Jobs If You Properly Display These Values

Second point, responsibility The second skill that is displayed on the list of qualifications for a job in hospitality, a hotel, cruise, resort, bar, or casino is the ability to be responsible for one's own actions. Usually in certain types of hospitality careers one will have to manage themselves ... [More]

Get A Look At What You Should Be Including On Your Resume

The Second Part Of The Hospitality Resume   •Supervised and coordinated activities of workers engaged in greeting, guiding and serving patrons in amusement facility •Responsible for personnel work assignments to assure coverage •Prepared written reports of operational activit... [More]

Ways To Give Your Hospitality Resume That Much Needed Punch To Land Interviews Like A Magnet

Hospitality careers are becoming more and more desirable everyday, and because of this desirability a lot of people are beginning to apply for careers in areas such as restaurants, a hotel, a cruise ship, resorts, bars, or casinos. But in order to be successful in these areas you need to know what y... [More]

Three Things You Can Do On Your Hospitality Resume To Increase Your Chance Of Success

If you are hoping to increase your chances of landing an interview or even better getting a job in the hospitality field, then it is going to be important for you to know what you need to do. Hospitality jobs such as working in a hotel, on a cruise ship, resort, bar, or casino requires a person to h... [More]

Going For A Hospitality Job? Then Get A Look At What You Should Be Including On Your Resume

Getting a hospitality or restaurant job requires you to know exactly what to include on your resume. Hospitality jobs can include anything that has to do with servicing people, so it is going to be important for you to have good customer service skills. Some of these jobs would include a hotel job, ... [More]

Putting In Hospitality Resumes: Using The Internet Over Using A Traditional Newspaper Does Not Mean More Competition

Are you currently in the market for hospitality jobs? Do you believe you possess the type of kindness required in order to succeed in this kind of field? If you believe you possess the qualities to be kind and welcoming to various guests and strangers, then these are all traits you will need to make... [More]

Hospitality Resume Writing Don'ts

Don't focus only on titles such as "bartender", "head waiter" or "manager" but primarily list the specific duties you handled, on a daily or weekly basis. Noting that you were in charge of staff supervision or coordinated various teams of workers gives potential employers a clearer sense of your t... [More]