Putting In Hospitality Resumes: Using The Internet Over Using A Traditional Newspaper Does Not Mean More Competition

Are you currently in the market for hospitality jobs? Do you believe you possess the type of kindness required in order to succeed in this kind of field? If you believe you possess the qualities to be kind and welcoming to various guests and strangers, then these are all traits you will need to make sure you include on your hospitality resume. But seeing as how hospitality careers range in category from working in restaurants, working in hotels, working on cruise ships, working in resorts, working in a bar or possibly a casino you will need to make sure you keep your options open. What do you believe is the best way to keep your options open?


The best way is taking advantage of the Internet instead of relying solely on a newspaper to put your executive resume out there. Did you know you can use the Internet to reach a global audience unlike using the newspaper? Using the newspaper limits your ability to find various hospitality careers. There may not be enough hospitality careers in your general area, or you may be unable to find one that is more satisfactory in another part of the country. The best way to utilize this would be for you to take to the World Wide Web.


You must understand a single Internet job posting can sometimes produce literally thousands of resume responses, and a lot of people get intimidated by this. But as I mentioned before if you possess the general traits required to succeed in a hospitality career, then you have a good chance at landing a position. Do not be afraid to take advantage of the Internet over the newspaper simply because more people will respond. Many times in the regular newspaper the people who are responding will be highly qualified, which means your competition will be a lot stiffer in most cases. When dealing on the Internet a lot of people do not take the same care as they would in the off-line world.


A newspaper ad will only produce about 52 to 100 responses depending on the size of the city it is in. Now even though this may seem like a good thing because you feel there is less competition, this is not the case. Many times the companies who place ads in newspapers cover multiple bases. They may have the job listed on various job search websites as well as other sources on the Internet. So you will still have a lot of competition, including those who may be willing to relocate in order to land a good hospitality job or career.


You should make it a goal to cover all bases the same as the companies looking for hospitality professionals do. When you cover all bases you will be able to have much more leverage and as a result more opportunity to get the type of hospitality jobs you want. You do not want to be left out in the cold because you're not making proper use of the resources available to get the exposure you need.


Gail Esparan