Hospitality Resume Writing Dos

When trying to find a job in the hospitality business, not just any resume will do. Potential jobs can range from hotel management to restaurant, casino, or assistant management positions as well as a whole wealth of other potential jobs. Because of this, it is important that a hospitality resume highlights the skills needed to convince a potential employer that you are worth hiring. Prove that you have a track record working with people and keeping customers happy. These skills are important for those in the hospitality business.

Be sure to use these additional suggestions for hospitality resume do's and don't:

  • Do tailor the resume to the position you want and be aware that one page is usually sufficient for any beginning or entry level position. A longer resume could only seem wordy or -even worse- appear that the potential employee is bragging or padding the resume. Two pages are fine for higher level positions in a hospitality business.


  • Do emphasize your ability to be a team player as well as keep people happy. Those in the hospitality business must be able to get along with a wide variety of personalities and customers and keep them all satisfied. So note any examples of daily tasks where your public relations and people skills really shine. If you've faced challenges such as running a hotel while it was under renovation, be sure to list those.


  • Do use direct and clear action words and keep sentences short and snappy. If you've moved up the career ladder, be sure to note how many total years you've worked in the hospitality field.


  • Do note any specific improvements that can be listed in percentages or clear data. Examples which are ideal for hospitality resumes include details about including room occupancy rates,  handling a large budget successfully and working with varied groups of employees, perhaps as head of a team. Employers are often impressed by demonstrations of your ability to go beyond the basic job and make significant improvements.


  • Do think of the most powerful words that relate to hospitality positions. Typical examples include words like "interacted with", "improved" and "coordinated".