What Kinds of Skills Are Needed to be a Hotel Manager

As with any career, there are some desirable skills for each position. Having most of these skills may make you a better candidate for becoming a hotel manager than someone who didn't have them. The hotel manager must have a number of skills and be trainable. Here are a few common skills for hot... [More]

Benefits of becoming a Hotel Manager

A hotel manager reaps lots of benefits, such as: Discounted hotel stays Traveling Learning all aspects of the hotel business Helping make guests' stays enjoyable Watch the franchise grow As you can see, contrary to other jobs and industries, there is more than just pay. So ... [More]

How to write a hotel manager resume

How do you go about writing a hotel manager resume? The first thing you need to do is format it carefully. To be able to format your resume effectively, you will need to ensure that your name and address are at the top of the resume. This info needs to be centered so that it can be easily read, and... [More]

What Do Hotel Managers Do?

As a hotel manager you would administer all aspects of operations in the hotel in which you work. Yes, your chores go far beyond the front desk. Here are some of the things you will manage as a hotel manager: Front desk; checking guests in and out of hotel, meeting the needs of guests individuall... [More]

Hotel Resume Writing Tips to Help Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd

The hotel industry is an exciting area to look into.  Those who work within the hospitality arena can choose to work in accommodations, food and beverage, or entertainment.  The truth is that despite the fact that the economy has hit some bumps in the road there are job opportunities in th... [More]

Hotel Manager Job Opportunities

Working in a hotel can be both fun and stressfull, which means you should be able to work long hours in a fast-paced environment. Hotels do obviously need lots of employees to run smoothly and you can find various types of jobs there, from receptionists to bartenders, cleaning staff, etc ...  ... [More]