How to write a hotel manager resume

How do you go about writing a hotel manager resume? The first thing you need to do is format it carefully.

To be able to format your resume effectively, you will need to ensure that your name and address are at the top of the resume. This info needs to be centered so that it can be easily read, and in some cases you would want to make the font for your name and address slightly larger than the rest of the text.

When choosing a font for the rest of your resume, you must use one that does not look goofy, and for this we recommend Times New Roman. Be certain that it is readable without strain on the eyes, but don't make it so large that it takes up more than one page.

Then, you need to include your experience. When dealing with the hotel industry you should feature any experience you have had in other hotels or resorts. Because you are applying for a management job, you should include any management experience you have.

In an attempt to get a manager position, education actually goes a long way. It helps to have some college degree, because most employers will only consider grads for management positions. If you have the right education, then you have a decent chance, though it depends on what type of degree you have.

The cover letter needs to be a page long, and it needs to quickly describe who you are and what kind of service you will bring to the company. Remember that the cover letter needs to be appealing.
So there you have a few tips for the hospitality hotel manager resume writing process. Remember that the resume is only a part of the work; you still have to successfully pass the interview! So start writing, and get ready for the next step.


Gail Esparan