How to Write a Resume For a Cruise Ship Job

Working on a cruise ship is a fantastic way to travel the world and explore different cultures, without any technical travel expenses. As an employee of a cruise ship, you'll actually be getting paid to cruise around the world, while working as a part of the ship's crew.

Because of the perks of this type of job, competition for employment on a cruise ship is stiff, so to increase your chances of getting hired, put your best foot forward with your resume.
Cruise ship employees work in a variety of capacities aboard the ship, so there is a great deal of variety in the employment opportunities aboard a ship.

Before you begin sending off resumes, it is imperative that you have the ability to travel outside of the country. If you have an up-to-date passport, then you have no need to worry. If you do not currently have a passport, begin the paperwork to get approved for one, because your cruise ship resume will get more favorable attention if you are ready to begin working immediately.

First of all, plan to send your cruise ship resume via regular mail. Because cruise ships are busy places, and the managers have much to deal with, it's often easy for your resume to get lost in the shuffle of lots of other email. This, coupled with the fact that so many companies have set up strict filters to delete email from unknown sources means that your emailed resume might never be seen.

Your cruise ship resume will include the typical resume information, including your education, previous employment experience, special certifications, awards and volunteer work. You will also need to list the current status of your passport, so hiring managers can determine if you will able to travel when they are ready to fill the position you are applying for.

Instead of sending a 'general skills' hospitality resume for a cruise ship job, hoping to land any job that might be open, it is best if your resume is tailored to focus on the particular position you would like to land on the ship.

If you're aiming for a food service or hospitality spot, then be sure and highlight any relevant experience you've had in this area, including hotel or restaurant work, as well as volunteer work or internships. Or, if you want to work as a fitness instructor, you will list your fitness focused education education and any fitness certifications you currently possess, as well as your time spent working in a gym or as a personal trainer.

Make sure your resume is typed in English and be sure to proofread for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Use regular white paper and a 12 pt. font that can be easily read. Hiring managers at cruise chips have also reported that it can be helpful to include a photo of yourself with your resume, simply because it helps a resume to stand out in the piles of traditional resumes.

You don't have to look like supermodel in this photo, nor does it need to be a professional portrait. You can actually get a friend to take a full length color photo of you and get an inexpensive print made at your local drugstore. Just make sure it is a clear photo, and your pose should be of you smiling and looking pleasant.

To complete your resume package, include 3-4 letters of references from previous employers or professional references, and mail it to the human resources department for the ship's main offices.


Gail Esparan