Restaurant Resume Tips To Get You That Job

The job market is difficult today, and that is true in all of the different industries.  For each open job position there are hundreds of resumes that are submitted.  The real question is how do you make your resume stand out in the saturated restaurant industry? 
The truth is that that the restaurant business is not concerned about where you went to school or whether you like to go hiking on the weekends. Instead, you need to think about what restaurant managers are really looking for in an applicants resume.  Restaurants are very busy places, and this means that often managers do not have  a lot of time to look at resumes.  The resumes that are difficult to read or generally unorganized are the ones that are going to be quickly tossed into the trash can. 
Organization is essential in any restaurant resume.  First and foremost this means that your resume needs to be easy to read.  White space is a good thing on a resume because it makes the text easier to read.  So, if your resume is jam packed with text you may want to do some editing.  Additionally, having your previous job and educational experiences listed in a chronological order.  Employers want to see what your work history is, and having that listed in order is essential to providing them with the information that they are looking for. 
Of course one of the most important details on your resume is your contact information.  You want to center your name at the top on the page.  It should be the one thing that is in the largest text on the page.  Your phone number should be placed directly below your name.  Now, although your phone number is not going to be in a font that is as large as the one that your name appears in it should still be larger than the rest of the text on your resume.  You may also want to list an email address below your phone number.  Today more and more employers like to utilize an email address to get in touch with prospective employees.
When listing your job history again simplicity is key.  This does not mean that you want to omit a description of your job responsibilities, but it does mean that you want to list it concisely and clearly.  You should always list your previous jobs in chronological order.  Be sure that you include the employers name, location, your job position, and general job responsibilities and accomplishments.  Bullets can really help you illustrate your work responsibilities and experience.  Keep these bullet points short and sweet, but be specific.  Additionally, you are going to want to be sure that you are utilizing industry jargon within the description of your responsibilities.  It is those key words that might secure you an interview.


Gail Esparan