Hotel Resume Writing Tips to Help Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd

The hotel industry is an exciting area to look into.  Those who work within the hospitality arena can choose to work in accommodations, food and beverage, or entertainment.  The truth is that despite the fact that the economy has hit some bumps in the road there are job opportunities in the hotel industry.  That being said, for every job opening today there are hundreds of resumes.  If you want to be sure that your resume stands out amongst all of the other applicants you are going to want to follow a few specific tips when you are putting it together. 

The most important bit on your hotel resume is your name and contact information.  You want to be sure that your prospective employer knows who you are and how to get ahold of you.  You should center your name at the top of your resume, and you will want to be sure that it is in a larger font and boldface.  Directly underneath that you will want to have a contact phone number and email so that you can be contacted for an interview.  Now although these should also be large and eye catching you will not want to have them as large as your name.  Additionally, plain text is completely appropriate for your contact details. 

Directly below that information you should place your professional objective.  An objective is your chance to express what type of position you are looking for in addition to what skills you are hoping to utilize and enhance through your work.  Be clear and concise with your employment objective.  Overly lengthy goals will tend to loose your readers attention. 

You may also want to include a personal summary on your hotel resume.  The truth is that the hospitality industry is largely a personal contact based one.  Prospective employers are going to want to have an idea of who you are and the skill set that you have.  With your personal summary you are going to be able to illustrate some of the qualities that make you such a viable candidate for their open position. 

You are also going to want to describe the education that you have received.  Initially you are going to want to start with your academic education.  Most employers are interested in any degree programs that you might have completed, but academics alone should not make up the educational section of your resume.  Additionally, you may have had some professional training's or certificate programs that you have completed.  These are essential to list especially if they are pertinent to the hotel industry.  Be sure that for any education that you have received you list the institution and credential that you have earned.


Of course your professional experience is the real meat of your hotel resume.  You will want to list this information chronologically from your most recent job.  Within each listing you will want to clarify what your job title was as well as who your previous employer was and where they are located.  Below that you are going to want to expand on some of the responsibilities and accolades that you had in each position.  Again, be sure that you are clear in this section, but be aware of running on unnecessarily.  Instead, focus on using short and clear sentences to accurately describe your experience.


Gail Esparan