Get A Look At What You Should Be Including On Your Resume

The Second Part Of The Hospitality Resume


•Supervised and coordinated activities of workers engaged in greeting, guiding and serving patrons in amusement facility

•Responsible for personnel work assignments to assure coverage

•Prepared written reports of operational activities to assist in planning future activities

•Trained and managed 150 employees

•Verified cleanliness of facilities

•Forwarded work order forms on equipment requiring maintenance

•Inventoried and ordered supplies

•Attended meetings to plan future operational activities and implementation of plans with other departments


This is the part of the hospitality resume you should include next. Whether you work at a hotel, on a cruise ship, a resort, bar, or casino usually you will gain a lot of skills while on the job. This part of the resume gives more details about specific duties you performed while on the job. But it goes a step further. It includes specific accomplishments you may have had at your last job that made you stand out. These accomplishments will make you look more valuable to your future employer and more marketable as well.


Education References

Education Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX Above we have the last part of the hospitality resume writing you should include. You must remember that the goal of your resume is to convey your strengths and skills in a quick and efficient manner. Even though this resume may seem very simple, it is very effective at quickly getting the point across, which should be your primary goal when applying for a hospitality job. Being able to quickly see what you have to offer will be the fastest way to determine whether or not you are someone who will be interviewed.


In closing I'd like to say that there are many other forms of writing hospitality resumes one can write if they are serious about a career in a hotel, on a cruise ship, resort, bar, or casino. But many of those resumes may require you to write in a format that will aggravate the person in charge of scheduling interviews. You can include other important information such as references and the like, but these will be asked for when on the interview. Keeping it short and simple is the key to success.


Gail Esparan