Cons of Living in Las Vegas

The biggest downside to living in Las Vegas is that there are numerous opportunities for people to gamble and it has become a huge problem for area residents. However, if you like to gamble every once in awhile and don't have a gambling problem you might see this as something you could really appreciate living close to.

Most locals believe that Las Vegas isn't really the place to raise a family and their reasons for that include a school system that is lacking and too much entertainment. Living just outside of Las Vegas may be better for families that are interested in moving to the area. You can always choose homeschooling or online schooling for your children if you end up not liking the school system.

Just like any other major city there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages to living in Las Vegas. What you deem to be an advantage or disadvantage will completely depend on your unique perspective of things. What one person may love about Vegas another might greatly dislike so you just need to think of your main interests, likes and dislikes. If you enjoy people, gambling, entertainment, warm weather, sunny skies and being able to go out whenever you want then Las Vegas is for you; if you are planning to get a job in a casino, don't forget to write a casino resume as those jobs are much different than your normal private sector job.


Gail Esparan