Pros of Living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the places in the United States that most people would like to visit someday. Others may think about actually living there but just aren't sure of what to expect. There are several pros and cons to living and working in Las Vegas and you may or may not see these things as pros or cons depending on your perspective.

The one thing people love about living in Vegas is that everything is open 24/7. If you want to go shopping or eat in the middle of the night you absolutely can. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, casinos and bars to keep anybody entertained. The city has a lot of energy especially on the strip.

The cost of living is affordable there in comparison to other major cities in the country. With the home crisis happening there are now several homes available that are way below cost. Some people say that the crime rate is also fairly low in comparison to other large cities but some seem to think that the crime rate is rather high.

If you enjoy sunshine, Las Vegas would be the perfect place for you to live. The sun is out nearly every day here and the weather is nice. During the summer the weather is downright hot. If you aren't a big fan of hot temperatures you should probably consider living somewhere that doesn't get so hot, or at least not very often.


Gail Esparan