Cons of bartending jobs

Often why many people don't last, is the inability to be able to say no to alcohol. Social drinking becomes a daily routine, and this can affect your life both at work and at home. Bartending can be very long hours, and isn't always the best paid job, although you can get some very good tips. Although there are no set qualifications to working behind a bar, you will need a good level of maths. You need to be able to add up quickly under pressure, and you will need a very good memory. There simply isn't time to write things down. Remembering an order, how much it will cost and still be able to have a conversation with the waiting customer are skills you will need. You will often be asked to work weekends and evenings meaning you will have no time to yourself. This can be a downside if your friends are all out partying whilst you are working. If you are a female bar tender you have to learn the fine line between being friendly and flirting, some men find it difficult to tell the difference. You also need to be careful when leaving the bar at the end of the night, many of the people who you have been serving drinks all night will want to carry the party on.

You will meet some great people, learn new skills and hear some very funny stories, some people love bartending careers and others don't.  If you have the personality, the skills and the stamina then bartending is for you, and even if you gave it a try and it really wasn't then you can at least say you have tried.


Gail Esparan