How to Write a Bartending Resume

So long as there is a will to drink, the world will always need bartenders, and with that in mind, perhaps it is time for you to apply for a bartending position! When you are ready to apply, you will need to have a resume prepared, and preparing a resume is actually more difficult than most people think. For this reason we have prepared a list of things you will need to do in order to prepare a good resume.

First of all, you will need to make sure your name is on your bartender resume. Typically it will need to be at the very top of the page, and it will need to be in bold. Your address should be directly underneath, and you can either center it, or you can have it to the far left. This area exists for a number of reasons, but mostly it is so your potential employer can easily contact you if he or she thinks that you would be a good fit for a particular job.

After you have filled in this part, you will need to think about the rest of your resume.  First of all you will need to list your experience. This means your former jobs, and you should make note of how long you actually worked in those jobs. Make sure that at least some of the jobs you list are relevant to the position for which are you applying.

Listing your education is equally important, even though some older bartenders will be able to use their experience to get in. You should have training in hospitality services, mixology, and even CPR. Yes, you will need CPR training because things can get a big wild in the bar. You should also list your high school education and note that most establishments will indeed require that you have at least a high school education.

If you have any special skills, do make sure that you take note of them. This is very important, and those skills might actually be instrumental in getting you employment. Make sure that you write them down, and list anything else you can think of.

Writing a bartending resume is probably the most important thing you will do in your quest for a new job. Bartenders need to be very social, and very outgoing. In other words, if you want to do this job you need to be able to get along well with others. For some this is impossible, and for others it comes naturally. If you cannot interact with others very well, then you will need to learn. Bartending is a very rewarding job. You will meet plenty of new people and you are bound to have quite a bit of fun. Just make sure you take the right steps to secure that dream job.


Gail Esparan