Advantages of bartending jobs

When deciding what career path you want to take, you have to consider all of the factors (you will need a bartending hospitality resume if you decide to follow that path). Why you want this particular job, if it pays well and if the hours suit your life are just some of the questions often asked. Bartending is considered many times for a job, some people love the whole idea of being behind a bar, chatting to customers and getting paid to socialize. Is that what bartending is really all about though.

Bartending can be an amazing, fun, exciting career if you understand exactly what you will need to do. There are pros and cons to bartending just as there is with any job, and as long as you look at every reason then you will be able to make a sensible decision if bartending is the job for you.  On the plus side of bartending it can be a really good way to meet new people; you are in an environment where there are often different customers every night. You can get to know the ones you want to even better and the others you simply have to serve their drinks and be professional. Every night can be a party, and you can work all night enjoying you and still be getting paid for it. Bar work often fits in with family life, and if your partner works all day then they can have the children at night whilst you are helping to earn the money. You can gain confidence, and character whilst working behind a bar, it can bring you out of your shell and you may begin to do and say things that you wouldn't do at other times.


Gail Esparan