An introduction to Hospitality Jobs

There are different types of hospitality jobs available and some that you might never have heard of. Many people consider a hospitality job that of a maid for a motel or working in some fast food restaurant, but there are so many types of positions, including those, that you can find something that is good for you. Restaurant jobs are available, and there are many different positions. If you are a cook or a chef there are many good positions available at many five star restaurants around the globe.


Many people in the hospitality business find jobs on cruises, from servicing rooms, to greeting people. People who work there travel to many exotic locations and find this type of job fun. There are many other positions, no matter what you are interested in doing.


You can also work as a dealer in a casino, or as a concierge, making sure customers are satisfied no matter what kinds of things they want, within reason. Any place that you go, whether it is a a hotel, or some all-inclusive vacation, any of the staff that you encounter is part of the hospitality business.


If you are considering a position in the hospitality field there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first thing is to think about is yourself. Almost any type of position will require you to have to deal with people, whether it is customers, or coworkers. People can be difficult, and even annoying.


Any person working in this industry has to deal with these people on a constant basis, and you have to do with a smile and a polite attitude, no matter what kinds of language patrons throw at you. If you  do not have patience for obnoxious people then maybe a job in this industry is not for you.


Another element to consider is that you will often be spending long hours at your job, and for people with families, this could interfere with your familiy life. You will often be called in for work, if a co-worker calls in sick, and you have to be prepared for this. This type of job is pretty demanding, and there is a lot of pressure. Having a job in this industry has often led to families splitting up, because your spouse or kids may not be able to deal extended absence.


However, if you can deal with people in a friendly manner, no matter what they tell you, and can handle pressure fine, this field can be highly profitable. The better you are at handling people, the faster you will do well. and the opportunity to make a high income is probable. You may have to start out in a lower position, depending on your experience, but if you stand out from the other candidates, you could succeed.


You can find many books to help you, and you will find that a lot of hospitality jobs require you to apply online. There are many job listing sites to choose from, or if you have a particular area that interests you, like hotel chef for example, you may even want to try to apply at the hotel itself.


Finally because hospitality jobs are so varied, you may have to format your hospitality resume differently, depending on the type of of job you're applying to - for example a chef resume won't include the same type of information as a casino dealer resume.


Gail Esparan