Hospitality And Restaurant Jobs Are A Cinch To Get If You Properly Display These Three Values

Some people look at hospitality jobs such as a restaurant job, working in a hotel, a cruise job, a resort, bar, or casino as not being amongst some of the more desirable jobs. But these jobs are highly desirable to those who possess the right skills and are passionate about customer service. However when one is putting in for a resume, in order to be successful amongst the many other applicants it is going to be important that you display your value effectively. There are three powerful ways this can be done and here are a few examples.


Ability to be a leader



• Supervised and coordinated activities of workers engaged in greeting, guiding and serving patrons in amusement facility

• Responsible for personnel work assignments to assure coverage

• Prepared written reports of operational activities to assist in planning future activities

• Trained and managed 150 employees

• Verified cleanliness of facilities

• Forwarded work order forms on equipment requiring maintenance

• Inventoried and ordered supplies

• Attended meetings to plan future operational activities and implementation of plans with other departments


You will see above that I have included the area of the hospitality resume that gives a rundown of specific skills an applicants might have when going for a professional hospitality resume writing. All of these skills are very important and many of them do indeed add value. But they all add value for different reasons, three reasons to be exact. The first value that is displayed is the ability to lead others and to manage activities. This is very important in a hospitality job and is definitely a trait you want to include if possible.


Gail Esparan