Cons of Being a Chef

Being a chef is much harder work than some people realize when they initially start training or secure their first job in the kitchen. Chefs sweat and stew under intense pressure every night they are in the kitchen. This is because the best kitchens will uphold strict standards on the food delivered from the kitchen so there is pressure to get everything right.

In some cases, foods that are prepared incorrectly or undercooked could make diners sick or worse. This puts even more pressure on chefs to know how to cook every item on the menu and do it perfectly.

Cleaning up the kitchen is another potentially big con. Most chefs will continually clean as they cook, which adds to the intensity of the cooking process. At the end of service there is still a big mess that needs to be cleaned from the counters and stovetops to the floors and oil pans.

Some people hold the idea that being a chef involves leisurely cooking in the kitchen and taking your time to present beautiful gourmet dishes like art on a canvas. This is very far from reality for most chefs. It requires a lot of hard work and can be very stressful.

The best chefs are those that truly enjoy serving others and have a genuine passion for food. This goes far beyond the enjoyment of eating food. You have to love it enough to put in the hard work of preparing and presenting it as well. Also, if you decide this is a career for you, make sure to craft a customized chef resume as hospitality resumes are obviously different from standard resumes, since they require a much different set of skills.


Gail Esparan