Hospitality Job Interview Questions And Answers

If you have decided to get a job that has to do with hospitality then you have made a good choice. Your ability to be friendly and siliceous towards people are two skills you must have in order to be successful at this type of position. When you are going on a hospitality job interview, you are going to need to display your ability to do these two things. Knowing the right type of hospitality job interview questions and answers will also come in handy. Your ability to study hospitality job interview questions will serve you well, as well as give you a good chance at landing that position in this tough economy. Use the following questions and answers as your hospitality job interview how to. You can always revert back to what is mentioned in this article in order to serve you as hospitality job interview tips.

Q. As an employee how do you describe yourself?
A. Your prospective employer is going to want to know that you are a friendly person and that you have the ability to get along well with others. You must display the ability to be agreeable as well as understandable in various situations. Your ability to do these two things will have a great impact on the companies deciding to hire you. Often times you will be representing the company and their customer service, so you must make sure to be as courteous and respectful as possible at all times (you might wanna include some of these traits in your hospitality resume cover letter).

Q. How would your last supervisor describe you?
A. You want to be honest with your answer here, because your prospective employer may decide to call up your previous supervisor and find out for his or herself. In any case you want to display to your prospective employer that you were dependable, reliable, and friendly with your coworkers and people you get with in a given environment. If these traits describe you then you have nothing to worry about, and you should qualify just fine for a hospitality job.

Q. What type of job related activity are you most confident performing?
A. Seeing as how you are applying for a hospitality job, chances are you will be given with people most of the time. You want to use this question as your chance to display your interest in dealing with people. Your ability to be friendly as well as make people feel comfortable and welcome will be too strong attributes you can use to sell yourself. Working with other people and making them feel comfortable around you important than any other individual task you will be performing when you have a hospitality job.


Gail Esparan