How To Become a Bartender

When you head out on the town your best friend can be the bartender.  Bartenders are generally great because they can make you your favorite drink.  A good bartender is someone that you will tip well and go back to.  In fact, bartenders can make a fair amount of cash in one work shift... [More]

What Do Hotel Managers Do?

As a hotel manager you would administer all aspects of operations in the hotel in which you work. Yes, your chores go far beyond the front desk. Here are some of the things you will manage as a hotel manager: Front desk; checking guests in and out of hotel, meeting the needs of guests individuall... [More]

How to Write a Bartending Resume

So long as there is a will to drink, the world will always need bartenders, and with that in mind, perhaps it is time for you to apply for a bartending position! When you are ready to apply, you will need to have a resume prepared, and preparing a resume is actually more difficult than most people t... [More]

How to Find a Cruise Ship Job

If you love traveling and seeing the wonderful sights that the world has to offer, then you may want to seek a carrier on a cruise ship. This way, you can fulfill all of your sightseeing dreams while getting paid for it. Cruise lines hire hundreds of people to do a very wide range of jobs and s... [More]

Hotel Resume Writing Tips to Help Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd

The hotel industry is an exciting area to look into.  Those who work within the hospitality arena can choose to work in accommodations, food and beverage, or entertainment.  The truth is that despite the fact that the economy has hit some bumps in the road there are job opportunities in th... [More]

Restaurant Resume Tips To Get You That Job

The job market is difficult today, and that is true in all of the different industries.  For each open job position there are hundreds of resumes that are submitted.  The real question is how do you make your resume stand out in the saturated restaurant industry?   The truth is t... [More]

Casino Resume Writing How To

Working for a casino is a very exciting experience. You get to meet all types of people, you get to work with all types of cool people, and it's really thrilling when one of the customers wins a huge jackpot. There are plenty of job openings at casinos all the time, because there's so much to do. Yo... [More]

Hotel Manager Job Opportunities

Working in a hotel can be both fun and stressfull, which means you should be able to work long hours in a fast-paced environment. Hotels do obviously need lots of employees to run smoothly and you can find various types of jobs there, from receptionists to bartenders, cleaning staff, etc ...  ... [More]

Hospitality Resume Tips

If you are someone who is interested in getting a job in the hospitality industry, you will find that there are many advantages awaiting you. The hospitality industry is one that is taking applicants and if you want to get involved, check out a few important hospitality resume writing tips that will... [More]

An introduction to Hospitality Jobs

There are different types of hospitality jobs available and some that you might never have heard of. Many people consider a hospitality job that of a maid for a motel or working in some fast food restaurant, but there are so many types of positions, including those, that you can find something that ... [More]