Going For A Hospitality Job? Then Get A Look At What You Should Be Including On Your Resume

Getting a hospitality or restaurant job requires you to know exactly what to include on your resume. Hospitality jobs can include anything that has to do with servicing people, so it is going to be important for you to have good customer service skills. Some of these jobs would include a hotel job, ... [More]

Hospitality Careers: Are Gimmicky Resumes The Way To Get Your Resume Noticed?

Hospitality careers require you to be very receptive to guests and customers. You will have to possess the ability to be kind as well as entertain strangers and guests on a frequent basis. You will often have to do this without reward, which is why you have to have a true passion for what you do. Yo... [More]

What Kinds of Skills Are Needed to be a Hotel Manager

As with any career, there are some desirable skills for each position. Having most of these skills may make you a better candidate for becoming a hotel manager than someone who didn't have them. The hotel manager must have a number of skills and be trainable. Here are a few common skills for hot... [More]

Putting In Hospitality Resumes: Using The Internet Over Using A Traditional Newspaper Does Not Mean More Competition

Are you currently in the market for hospitality jobs? Do you believe you possess the type of kindness required in order to succeed in this kind of field? If you believe you possess the qualities to be kind and welcoming to various guests and strangers, then these are all traits you will need to make... [More]

3 Additional Hospitality Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. How would your coworkers describe you?A. Just as important as it might be for you to get along with people who are not your coworkers, it is equally as important for you to get along with your coworkers. These are the people you're going to be around most of the time. Sometimes your ability t... [More]

Hospitality Job Interview Questions And Answers

If you have decided to get a job that has to do with hospitality then you have made a good choice. Your ability to be friendly and siliceous towards people are two skills you must have in order to be successful at this type of position. When you are going on a hospitality job interview, you are goin... [More]

Cons of Being a Chef

Being a chef is much harder work than some people realize when they initially start training or secure their first job in the kitchen. Chefs sweat and stew under intense pressure every night they are in the kitchen. This is because the best kitchens will uphold strict standards on the food delivered... [More]

Pros of Being a Chef

You have a genuine love of food. The kitchen is your favorite place to be. Your biggest pleasure comes from feeding people you love and seeing their enjoyment while eating. Perhaps you even have some emotional attachments to the position of chef because someone you loved dearly as a child was always... [More]

Cons of Living in Las Vegas

The biggest downside to living in Las Vegas is that there are numerous opportunities for people to gamble and it has become a huge problem for area residents. However, if you like to gamble every once in awhile and don't have a gambling problem you might see this as something you could really apprec... [More]

Pros of Living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the places in the United States that most people would like to visit someday. Others may think about actually living there but just aren't sure of what to expect. There are several pros and cons to living and working in Las Vegas and you may or may not see these things as pros or... [More]