Benefits Of Working On A Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are always seen as thing of mystery and amazement. People love traveling on them, as they feel glamorous and spoiled with the quality of their surroundings. Many passengers feel that they could work on a cruise ship and are rushing to get their cruise ship resume done professionally. Although the job has some fantastic moments it can also have some very big downsides.

There are many pros to working on a cruise ship, the fact you can travel the world and see places you may never have seen before is a great advantage. Most employees are contracted from 4 to 12 months and in that time you will dock several times. This gives you the opportunity to explore the country that you have docked in and you will be able to have some land time to do as you please. Another big advantage to working on a cruise ship is the lack of bills; you will not need to worry about paying your utility bills or for your food. You have a roof over your head, with no commuting problems in the morning to get to work. This will save you vast amounts of money, and if you are sensible when your contract is up you should be able to walk away with a nice amount.

You will make some very good friends while on board the cruise ship; there is often a vast range of nationalities on board. You could learn a new language if you buddy up with a friend who speaks a different language to you. You can share your cultural differences, and enjoy the experience together. You should make some very good friends during your time on the cruise ship; many will be there for life.


Gail Esparan