Management Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. What do you do that sets in example for your employees and coworkers?A. You want to tell your prospective employer that you lead by example in all areas. You want to tell them that if you expect other people to be dependable and reliable, then you will be dependable and reliable. If you expec... [More]

Manager Job Interview Questions And Answers

Managing others can be a rewarding experience, but the managing of others requires you to have good people skills as well as the ability to handle a rising conflict. When you are going on a manager job interview having a few manager job interview tips at your disposal will better equip you to do goo... [More]

The Top 10 Management Mistakes

Here is the second part of our article, featuring the top 6 to 10: Rewarding poor behavior or performance with bonuses and raises they do not deserve is the sixth mistake that is made by some managers. They believe that if they give them a raise the employee will work harder.  This is not the ... [More]

Top 5 Management Mistakes

Building a successful team to achieve the high expectations of a company can be challenging.  It takes a high level of leadership abilities and a good working knowledge of the job in order to do it.  There are several mistakes that are made that can work against the goal of having a succes... [More]

Do's of Project Management

Having a full understanding on how your project is going to run is essential for the overall success of project managers - and of their management resume. There are key elements you need to focus on and remember. By keeping some simple do's and don'ts in mind you can not only have a highly successfu... [More]

Cons of Being a Manager

Here are some disadvantages of being a manager:Lone Wolf: As the boss, you will be at the top, and most other employees will not want much to do with you, save for other managers. You will be distrusted, and often times you will be viewed as the 'bad guy'. You worked hard to get here, but sometimes ... [More]

Pros of Being a Manager

So you want to be a manager. This is a great goal to shoot for, but as you probably know it has some downsides. Luckily there are plenty of advantages to balance out those downsides, and we have compiled a list to aid you in making your decision. That being said, let's take a look at the pros and co... [More]

5 Tips to be a Good Manager

Want to be a good manager? Here are 5 Tips you should follow: Prioritize tasks Know how to delegate (to the right persons) Have regular meetings to make sure everybody is on track and aware of what everybody is doing Always be positive as you need to motivate your troops Have an open door pol... [More]

How to Become a Hotel Manager

So, you would like to turn into a hotel manager? It can be a very lucrative position and it is undoubtedly one of the most respected opportunities in the hospitality sector. As with any employment path, you have to be willing to relocate it if you want to get to that dream position. Before you begin... [More]

The Qualities of a Good Manager

What is it that makes someone a good manager? Is it about being in charge and giving directions? Well, those facets are certainly part of the job to be sure. However, there is much more to being a good manager than just being the person in charge. Management is not just about barking orders and, qui... [More]