Management Resumes: These Formatting Techniques Can Add To Or Take Away From Your Resume

There are all sorts of things you can do in order to enhance the look of your management resume. But seeing as how you're competing for management jobs, you want to make sure that some of the things you do concerning formatting don't take away from your professionalism. What you want to actually do ... [More]

Cons of Being a Manager

Here are some disadvantages of being a manager:Lone Wolf: As the boss, you will be at the top, and most other employees will not want much to do with you, save for other managers. You will be distrusted, and often times you will be viewed as the 'bad guy'. You worked hard to get here, but sometimes ... [More]

Pros of Being a Manager

So you want to be a manager. This is a great goal to shoot for, but as you probably know it has some downsides. Luckily there are plenty of advantages to balance out those downsides, and we have compiled a list to aid you in making your decision. That being said, let's take a look at the pros and co... [More]

5 Tips to be a Good Manager

Want to be a good manager? Here are 5 Tips you should follow: Prioritize tasks Know how to delegate (to the right persons) Have regular meetings to make sure everybody is on track and aware of what everybody is doing Always be positive as you need to motivate your troops Have an open door pol... [More]

The Qualities of a Good Manager

What is it that makes someone a good manager? Is it about being in charge and giving directions? Well, those facets are certainly part of the job to be sure. However, there is much more to being a good manager than just being the person in charge. Management is not just about barking orders and, qui... [More]

The Various Types of Skills needed for Management Jobs

Because of good salaries, pay and a certain power of authority, management positions are pretty popular and luckily available in all industries.  As a result, managers have more chances at landing management employment, providing they are willing to swtich industry, than those job seekers whose... [More]

Manager Resume Tips

Manager positions are highly sought after by many people.  That is why you must find a way to shine a light on your leadership abilities and experience in order to take the lead among the competition.  You can do that by making sure your resume speaks volumes about you. When you submit yo... [More]