Pros of Being a Manager

So you want to be a manager. This is a great goal to shoot for, but as you probably know it has some downsides. Luckily there are plenty of advantages to balance out those downsides, and we have compiled a list to aid you in making your decision. That being said, let's take a look at the pros and cons of being a manager before you start writing your manager resume. Keep in mind that these apply to any manager position, regardless of location.


  • Title: Yes, as a manager you get a very prestigious title and many people will look up to you. You will have a feeling of accomplishment every single day as you go to work. For many,t his is the entire reason for attaining a manger position.
  • Authority: You will be placed in charge of a group of people, and they will listen to you. For those who enjoy being in control, this is a great reason to seek this type of job.
  • Responsibility: If you like responsibility, you will be glad to know that a manager position comes with plenty of it. You will be put in charge of many projects, employees, paperwork, and you may even have your own office depending on where you are working.
  • Pay: Managers enjoy a higher rate of pay than regular employees. They will also enjoy certain benefits that are not available to anyone else, ensuring their financial stability and future with the company. Above all others, this is one of the best reasons to seek employment as a manager in any company.