The Qualities of a Good Manager

What is it that makes someone a good manager? Is it about being in charge and giving directions? Well, those facets are certainly part of the job to be sure. However, there is much more to being a good manager than just being the person in charge. Management is not just about barking orders and, quite honestly, it should never be about this because such abrasive behavior is a massive turn off. No, the key to being a good manager rests with being a team player that knows how to bring the best out of the other employers in order to meet the mission and goal of the company.

Probably the most vital attribute to possess in order to be a good manager is to have effective communication skills. This means you need to be able to speak and write in an effective and clear manner. And, most assuredly, you need to be highly positive in your communications since negativity undermines such pursuits. Those that can communicate well are natural leaders. That is a fact.

However, solid communications skills also entail a great deal of listening. You must be a good listener in order to be a solid manager. If your communications is always one-way, you run the risk of being an interminable bore.

Leading by example is also helpful. You need to set the stage for what is expected of others so that others will actually follow through on their end. The manager who demands punctuality but is always 20 minutes late in the morning runs the risk of being disdained at worst and ineffectual at best.

Do you know how to effectively delegate tasks? Great managers all have a natural talent for being able to delegate. And keep in mind the fact that delegation does not mean you randomly assign tasks to people. Rather, you pick the right people for the right jobs. Having an eye for this is a hallmark of a great manager.

Quality managers will be able to motivate employees to perform. Now, let's get something out of the way here. Motivation is not derived from threats or punishment. Punitive action may mildly motivate decidedly, well, unmotivated work. It also creates a hostile work environment that will lead to employees jumping ship. That is the inverse of motivation! No, proper motivation is about demonstrating the importance of the task at hand and giving a hint of the reward for achieving such a goal.

Clearly defining the mission statement certainly connects to the previous assertion. When the goals of the company have been effectively presented, employees can follow a clear path of their responsibilities. In a way, the component to being a great manager actually removes some of the managerial responsibilities from the equation. That is, since the employees know what is expected of them, they spend less time requiring supervision and direction.

Of course, there are many other qualities that go into being a good manager. The key is always keep growing and achieving your potential as a manager. And if you are looking into switching job, do not forget to include these qualities in your manager resume to make sure to stand out.


Gail Esparan


2/7/2010 11:23:42 PM #

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