The Various Types of Skills needed for Management Jobs

Because of good salaries, pay and a certain power of authority, management positions are pretty popular and luckily available in all industries.  As a result, managers have more chances at landing management employment, providing they are willing to swtich industry, than those job seekers whose skills are too specialized within an industry.


Management positions slightly differ from one industry to another though. For example, retail managers need to have customer service skills while healthcare managers must be able to manage extended staff and handle emergencies. Financial managers must of course focus on finances and must be able to forecast economic trends while marketing managers have to set up goals and maketing plans.


The good news is that, you can learn the skills needed to go from one inudstry to another, which provides you with more career opportunities. If you got new certifications or trainings that are applicable to the various industries you want to get in, do not forget to include then in your resume. Also, what you should make sure to emphasize in your manager resume writing, are the skills that are common to all manager positions - for example your ability to manage staff, your organizational skills, etc ...


Gail Esparan