Cons of Restaurant Manager Jobs

The cons of restaurant manager jobs might include: ·    Working weekends is something that almost every restaurant manager will be required to do and many of them work holidays, if the restaurant is open on those days.·    Long hours are not unusual f... [More]

Pros of Restaurant Manager Jobs

There are pros and cons to every job, but the pros and cons of restaurant manager jobs offer extremes that many people either enjoy immensely or start to dislike. When you look at the pros and cons of restaurant manager jobs, as described by those that are in them, it is easy to see how it may n... [More]

How to Write a Hotel Manager Resume

Writing a resume is probably the most important thing you can do in the pursuit of a job. With this being the case you will have to do everything within your power to ensure that your resume not only contains good information, but that it looks professional. So how do you go about writing a hotel ma... [More]