Your Manager Resume Must Have These Elements If You Hope To Get It Taken Seriously

If you get into the habit of using peculiar fonts on your resume it is definitely going to make you look unprofessional. Seeing as how you are seeking management jobs this is the last thing you want to do. So make sure all of your fonts are standard and that you stick with the basics. Arial is one of them along with Times new Roman. If you try to use some of the more untraditional fonts it may distract from the rest of your content. Keep it simple and focus more on the importance of the content itself and not fancy fonts.


Being taken seriously when you are competing for management jobs is going to be important if you hope to ultimately land the career you are looking for. As long as your management resume follows these steps I've mentioned you should be okay. Making sure you use circumstantial formatting and that you don't overdo it, sticking to standard fonts as to not take away from the content itself, and making sure you put in a complete professional manager resume are all ways to get your resume taken more seriously.


Gail Esparan