These Formatting Techniques Can Add To Or Take Away From Your Management Resume

Pictures and clip art

Very rarely are you going to need to include pictures or clip art on your management resume. Especially seeing as how management jobs are usually very serious and professional. If you are trying to create something that is going to take away from other aspects of your resume, then by all means include pictures and clip art. But do not be surprised if you find yourself not getting the interviews you were hoping for. Keep your manager resume professional and do not include any sort of pictures or clip art.


Maintaining a level of professionalism when you are competing for management jobs is going to be crucial. The way you choose to structure your resume along with how you format it can make or break your resume. As long as you remember what I said in this article the resume should be just fine. Making sure to stick with minimal font sizes, making sure that the font isn't too large or too small, and excluding pictures and clip art should keep you on the good side of possible employers who are seriously considering your resume.


Gail Esparan