Cons of Restaurant Manager Jobs

The cons of restaurant manager jobs might include:

·    Working weekends is something that almost every restaurant manager will be required to do and many of them work holidays, if the restaurant is open on those days.
·    Long hours are not unusual for restaurant managers, especially if they have staff that calls in sick. They might be waiting tables, cooking in the kitchen or washing dishes at any given time. Even when all staff is present, those might be tasks that need to be done.
·    You are on your feet much of the time and you may walk many miles every shift, depending on the size of your restaurant. For those that like exercise, this might be a pro.
·    High stress levels can come with the responsibility for food quality and making profits. Restaurant manager jobs can have a lot of pressure associated with the position because food prices rise, staff scheduling has to be adequate, profit margins are very thin and customers can complain about poor service or poor food quality, which can reflect on the management.
·    Lack of family time or personal time can be a complaint for busy restaurant managers because there are some that work 6 days a week and 12 to 16 hour days.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to restaurant manager jobs, but there are many restaurant employees that realize it is a lucrative position they can work into, given enough time and improvement of their skills. For that reason, you will find many restaurant managers have a background in the restaurant business.


Gail Esparan