Top 5 Management Mistakes

Building a successful team to achieve the high expectations of a company can be challenging.  It takes a high level of leadership abilities and a good working knowledge of the job in order to do it.  There are several mistakes that are made that can work against the goal of having a successfully functioning team.  When you are aware of the top ten management mistakes that are made you can take the necessary steps to ensure that you do not make them with your team.

The first and most common mistake that is made in a management position comes when training is overlooked in the workplace.  It is never a good idea to assume that someone knows how to do their jobs and to tell them to just do it.  This can lead to mistakes that can cause customers and clients to have doubts about the abilities of the company.  Managers are responsible for ensuring that the employees have the training that is necessary to do their job correctly and efficiently.

The second common mistake that a person in a leadership position is the failure to communicate.  Communication is essential no matter what industry you work in.  It is important to communicate the goals and expectations to the people that are working for you.  It is equally important to allow the employees to give suggestions and to have their opinions and suggestions heard by the management staff.

The third mistake that some managers make is ignoring the policies that are in place.  The policies and procedures are in place for a reason and when the manager begins to allow the policies to be broken it leads to poor performance and people taking advantage of the situation.

Keeping poor documentation is the fourth mistake that many managers make. In order to legally protect a company it is necessary to keep detailed documentation of all coaching and up training that is given to help an employee do well during employment.  Anytime an employee is counseled or an incident is brought to the attention of the manager, detailed documentation should be compiled and placed in their personnel file.

The fifth mistake that some managers take is the dismissal of an employee without adequate warning.  It is easy to react quickly when an employee is not performing to the standards of the company but there must be documentation and clear expectations set forth before an employee is dismissed.


Gail Esparan