The Top 10 Management Mistakes

Here is the second part of our article, featuring the top 6 to 10:

Rewarding poor behavior or performance with bonuses and raises they do not deserve is the sixth mistake that is made by some managers. They believe that if they give them a raise the employee will work harder.  This is not the case as it tells them that they will be rewarded even if they are doing poorly.
The seventh mistake is shown when a manager criticizes an employee and does not try to work with them to resolve the issues that are at hand.

Ignoring the problems that are going on in the workplace is the eighth mistake that is made by managers. It is best to address any issues as they come to your attention so that people do not feel as if you are bias or not willing to handle the situation.

When a manager chooses to look the other way when issues involving harassment rise to the surface they are making the ninth mistake.  It is their responsibility to handle the situation and if they do not they will be setting the company up for a lawsuit.

The last, but still very important, mistake that managers tend to make involves taking responsibility for their actions.  When a manager destroys evidence or lies in order to protect themselves from the outcome of a decision that they made they are making a huge mistake that could cost them their job and could lead to a lawsuit against the company.

By working hard not to make the mistakes that are most common among managers you can set yourself up for a long and successful position as a professional manager and be known for your fairness and your attention to detail. 


Gail Esparan