Management Resume Writing Don'ts:

·    Don't assume potential employers will know what particular job positions in management entail, when they are in different industries or companies. This can de-value your worth and may not give enough information about responsibilities and skills.
·    Don't use vague catchwords. You should eliminate opinionated descriptions, such as a "good motivator" or "excellent communication skills". These are examples of biased analysis. List actual accomplishments or examples or eliminate catchwords.

·    Don't forget to use management keywords that can result in more interviews. Leadership, operational budget development, profit and loss management, and exceeding sales goals are keywords that might pertain to management jobs. Don't forget to list actual accomplishments.
·    Don't get too specific in management job headings, skills and responsibility areas. You can explain management skills by the number of people you supervised, dollar sales of the department or company and the key areas of responsibility should be in language that can be understood.

·    Don't use industry terms that aren't universal, such as "improvements in the design of a widget" (that nobody is familiar with). Instead, use constructive descriptions that generalize, yet offer results, such as "improved product design, which resulted in 25% sales increases".

The important part of management resume writing do's and don'ts, is that your resume reflects your management skills and responsibilities, in headings that establish your worth for current management positions you are considering.


Gail Esparan