Do's of Project Management

Having a full understanding on how your project is going to run is essential for the overall success of project managers - and of their management resume. There are key elements you need to focus on and remember. By keeping some simple do's and don'ts in mind you can not only have a highly successful project, but will gain the respect and loyalty of your team.

Every person you come in contact with during this process will become vital in the end result. The positive approaches and the negative ones will affect the outcome dramatically. Before you begin the entire process, educate everyone about what the goal of the project is. Allow for feedback and insight from others it may contain information you've overlooked. The team you have will be your backup during this time.

With all that in mind, there are things you need to do for overall success:

·    Do spend time with the employees that will be working on the project.
·    Do take control and lead the project in a forward direction.
·    Do keep in contact with your customers if the new project will affect them. This allows them time to provide valuable feedback.
·    Do inform the customer how they will benefit from this project.
·    Do keep open communication with superiors during the project and give regular updates.
·    Do report problems or risks of the project as they arise.
·    Do verify that once the project is completed the company can handle the new process appropriately.
·    Do train individuals that need information vital to the success of your project.
·    Do prioritize implementation aspects, and keep on schedule.

Remember that no matter how important the things to do are, the same can be said about the don'ts.


Gail Esparan