Don'ts of Project Management

Remember that no matter how important the things to do are, the same can be said about the don'ts. This area can harm a project and lose you valuable time and help from others.

·    Don't reveal any information that is confidential. This information should remain between parties that need to know only.
·    Don't disclose any information to a competitor or anyone who might be in a direct link to them.
·    Don't ever play the importance of a person down. Everyone is vital in the process; never tell them they are not.
·    Don't allow a problem go from minor to extreme by ignoring it. The longer you take to correct an issue the harder it will be to fix.
·    Don't focus on the end result. There is a process to get there but sacrificing quality for speed will create issues down the road.
·    Don't be afraid to ask for help. A good leader leads, but also knows when they cannot handle a task alone.
·    Don't assume everyone is on the same page. Keep people constantly informed as changes happen.
·    Don't decide what is in the best interest of the company. Get valuable feedback from people who know how the system works.
·    Don't ignore the insight of your team. They may see a potential problem long before it actually happens.

The overall success of your project depends on your approach and attitude. Be open minded and allow for feedback and adjustments made by others interested. Acting as a successful project manager means that you not only focus on the success of the project, but the process of getting there as well.


Gail Esparan