Pros of Restaurant Manager Jobs

There are pros and cons to every job, but the pros and cons of restaurant manager jobs offer extremes that many people either enjoy immensely or start to dislike. When you look at the pros and cons of restaurant manager jobs, as described by those that are in them, it is easy to see how it may not fit everybody's lifestyle, but it can be a rewarding career that pays quite lucratively in the better restaurants.

Some of the pros of restaurant manager jobs include:

·    There is always something to do, which means little time sitting at a desk in the office being bored, so this is perfect for those that like a lot of activity and enjoy multi-tasking in a variety of locations throughout the building.
·    If you like people, you get to spend time visiting with restaurant employees and greeting customers, talking with them about their meal and it can feel like you are hosting a dinner party every night.
·    If you like managing a team of busy employees, restaurant managers feel like they are in charge of a finely tuned machine, when staff is trained and doing their jobs effectively.
·    Getting free meals of higher quality than you would eat at home is another benefit, assuming your restaurant serves good food. Many people that are in single households enjoy this benefit tremendously.
·    Lucrative salaries are possible in some of the busier restaurants and bonuses are available. There are smaller restaurants that pay mid-$30K and up annually, mid-sized restaurants that pay mid-$50K and up annually and larger restaurants might pay close to six figures in annual salaries and bonuses.


Gail Esparan