Manager Resume Tips

Manager positions are highly sought after by many people.  That is why you must find a way to shine a light on your leadership abilities and experience in order to take the lead among the competition.  You can do that by making sure your resume speaks volumes about you.

When you submit your resume you are giving the prospective employer a first glimpse at you as a business professional.  Your first impression can be a great one if you ensure that it is well written, has great grammar, and tells about your abilities and experience that relate to the position that you are applying for.

Be sure that your manager resume looks professional.  This means printing it on professional looking paper that is white or off white.  The top of your resume will provide them with the details of how to contact you.  It should include your mailing address, your phone number (both home and cellular if it is available), and your email address.  Give them plenty of ways to reach you so they are sure to be able to get in touch.

You should have a section in your resume to show off your skills and accomplishments.  Any certifications that you have received or any training that you have undergone should be listed in this section.  This is your opportunity to tell them why you would be a great fit for their establishment. If you have experience in preparing and giving presentations you should explain it here.  You should also tell them about your experience as a manager and include details like how many people you have managed at one time.

If you are fluent in a second language or have special computer training, be sure to tell them all about it.  Anything that you can tell them that will add points to your employability bank should be contained in your skills and accomplishment section.  You can also include details about ways that you added value in your previous positions.  If you created a new business model or helped to implement a large change in the company then you should defiantly include this on your resume.

Your employment experience section of the resume is something that a prospective employer will be very interested in.  If you have experience that specifically pertains to the position that you are applying for, employers will want to know all about it.  Be sure to make the titles for the jobs that you have had sound intriguing.  You want them to know that you can handle all that the position brings so be sure to include all that you have done in previous positions.

Another important section of the resume is your education section.  This is where you can tell the prospective employer about which school you attended, what year you graduated and what GPA you carried throughout your time in school.  Many times an employer is looking for a specific education level for the position.  If your education history is less than what they are looking for, it will be that much more important that your resume speaks to your abilities as a leader and professional.

You can get the position that you desire if you are well put together.  From your resume, the employer will be making decisions about interviews.  Once you have gotten to the interview process you will wow them with your abilities and win that job for sure!


Gail Esparan