How to Become a Hotel Manager

So, you would like to turn into a hotel manager? It can be a very lucrative position and it is undoubtedly one of the most respected opportunities in the hospitality sector. As with any employment path, you have to be willing to relocate it if you want to get to that dream position. Before you begin, you'll want to be certain this is the career you want. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about starting a career as a hotel manager!


What Do Hotel Managers Manage?

  As a hotel manager you would manage all elements of operations in the hotel in which you work. Yes, your chores go far beyond the front desk. Here are some of the things you will manage as a hotel manager:

·    - Front desk; checking guests in and out, meeting the desires of guests individually and booking reservations
·    - Counselor and tutor to front desk employees
·    - Making sure the hotel is stocked with essential cleaning, food supplies as well as room amenities
·    - Handling client complaints and seeing to it that they are satisfied
·    - Bookkeeping
·    - Filling in when there is a deficit of workers in any area of the hotel (banquet server, housekeeping, front desk clerk, etc ...)

What Kinds of Skills do I Need to be a Hotel Manager?

  As with any career, there are some required skills for each position. Possessing most of these skills may make you a better match for becoming a hotel manager than a job seeker who didn't have these skills. The hotel manager must have certain skills and be trainable. Here are a few common skills for hotel managers:

·    - Great phone personality (for taking reservations and handling calls)
·    - A good leader
·    - Ability to remain calm when dealing with angry guests
·    - Strong financial skills
·    - Organizational skills
·    - Great listening skills
·    - Flexibility (the hotel industry gets busy and you could get flooded with overtime; you will also have to endure cross training which requires to be flexible)

As a sidenote, make sure to include all these skills in your manager resume.

How Can I Become a Hotel Manager?

  If you're set on becoming a hotel manager you will want to know where to start down that career path. Here are a few helpful resources:
·    - Take a college course in hospitality management
·    - Take an internship
·    - Get a job at a hotel (whatever job, as you'll have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the hotel industry once you get a foot in the door!)
Benefits of Becoming a Hotel Manager

A hotel manager reaps many benefits, such as:
·    - Discounted hotel rates
·    - Traveling
·    - Learning all aspects of the hotel business
·    - Helping make clients' stays memorable
·    - Watch it grow

 Finally Good luck!


Gail Esparan