How to Write a Property Manager Resume

Managing a property takes a special kind of person. It takes someone with patience, with logical thinking skills, an ability to handle budgets, financial, pay bills and it takes someone who can lead a small team of employees. A property manager often wears so many hats that it's hard to say that they need just one or two skills. With property management, there's never a dull moment. When you're dealing with so many residents, anything can happen; and it often does. So when writing a property management resume, you're going to want to make it very clear to a potential employer that you are the perfect person for the job.

Previous Experience

For a property management company to hire you as their property manager, they're going to want to know that you're familiar with the business. Most would prefer that you have previous property management experience; but mostly they want to know that you were at least an assistant manager as well as a leasing agent for a number of years. That will tell them that you're familiar with how the business works and that you won't require a substantial amount of training. So make sure you start your resume with your previous experience. If you don't have any property management experience, leasing or assistant manager experience, any management experience might do; but you'll more than likely get passed over for someone who has been in the business before.


Property management is one of those fields where you really don't need a college degree. As long as you have the experience, and you list your accomplishments at the properties you've worked for, you'll still be considered for a position. If you have a college degree, however, that will always give you an upper hand no matter what position you're applying for.


The property management industry consists of a closely-knit group of people. It's not uncommon for individuals to switch property management companies, yet they remain in contact with other people they've worked for. With vendor trade shows, and other functions that bring property management personnel together, it's often the case that someone knows someone who can get you a job and can verify your reliability and skill as a manager. So list those referrals. If possible, have them write referral letters and attach them to your resume.

Your property manager resume has to stand out as there are always properties in need of managers and there are plenty of managers who need a job. Therefore, really make yourself shine when it comes to your property management resume. If you have the experience, you know the ins and outs of the business, and you've been successful at previous properties you've worked for, you should have little trouble getting your foot in the door for a sit down interview, where you can really wow the hiring supervisor and secure the job.


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