How to Write a Supervisor Resume

When writing a resume, you have to understand that you are vying for a position against many others. With the economy the way it is, and with unemployment at an unfortunate high, looking for a job has become very dire for many individuals. Therefore, if you're looking for a supervisor job, and you really want that job, you have to make yourself stand out. The way you do that, initially, is to create a great supervisor resume that will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

If an employer is going to consider you for a supervisor position, they're going to want to know that you have experience. They want to know that you've been a team leader, a manager, or any other type of supervisor in your past. This should be the focus of your resume; your ability to lead others. So, for a great supervisor resume, list the supervisor positions you've held in the past and describe each position in detail.

When listing your experience, you'll want to list the company's name, where it was located, the dates you worked there, your supervisory position as well as what you did. For example, you might list that you worked for a movie theater leading thirty team members. Or maybe you worked for a wireless phone company and led a team of fifty salespeople. This is going to look impressive to an employer looking for a supervisor because they know you already have what it takes to get the job done.

If you don't have any supervisory experience, don't list previous jobs that have nothing to do with supervising or managing. Don't list that you were a janitor, for instance, or a fry person. An employer is going to look at your resume and come up with the preconception that you're going to need extensive training, and that means your resume is likely to go to the bottom of the pile. Instead, focus on your skills and/or your education. If you have a college degree, that's very attractive to an employer. But if you have a degree but no experience, list your skills, such as your ability to lead others, your ability to multi-task, etc.

Your manager resume is only a tool to get your foot in the door. A great supervisor resume is going to get you a call back, and hopefully an interview. It's during the interview that you have to show what you've got to become a great supervisor for that company. But if your supervisor resume isn't attractive, if it doesn't show you as a person perfect for the job, you may not get a call back at all and your resume might end up in the trash can. But as long as it shows your strengths, your personality, your education and your ability to lead, your resume should be sufficient to get you that supervisor job you're applying for.


Gail Esparan