Management Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. What do you do that sets in example for your employees and coworkers?
A. You want to tell your prospective employer that you lead by example in all areas. You want to tell them that if you expect other people to be dependable and reliable, then you will be dependable and reliable. If you expect others to put forth a 100% effort, then you will always put in 100% effort. The people you are in charge of managing will follow your example.

Q. How would you describe your basic leadership style?
A. Everyone is going to have a different style when it comes to his or her leadership style. Of course not everyone can be a leader, but in many cases if you are then you definitely have a way to go about the process. Maybe you are the type of person who gathers everyone together to inform them all at once. Maybe you are the type of person who will punish poor performance and award good performance. In any case make sure you emphasize in your resume and interview your leadership style to your prospective employer.

Q. If I ask your employees to describe you, what would they say?
A. Of course you would want them to say good things about you, but some of them may not. In any case make sure you tell your prospective employer that your employees would say positive things about you. Some of them may not like your personal style, but many of them may respect it because it gets the job done.


Gail Esparan